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Transform into a Business
Filled with Passion & Soul


You've got your business (or a calling in your heart to start one), done all.the.things, but something is still missing - it just isn't looking the way you thought it would.

My mission with the Your Business with Soul Summit is to help you bring your ideas and gifts to the world!

To help you transform and create your success story! You have a creative, passionate soul - you aren't just a cookie cutter, salsey markety type business.

You are more than that - you deeply care about your clients and want to make an impact. You have a magic that the world deserves to know. You just need a little help tapping into that genius that is inside you and bringing it center stage so that it can be the fuel for everything you're trying to build.

Over a dozen female entrepreneurs have come together to help you create a business you love! These are powerhouse women who want to share their genius with you! With a variety of topics that range from mindset, wealth, tech, marketing, and business mastery - you'll have the knowledge and motivation you need to rewrite your business' story and create the success you've always wanted.

Your Speakers
Lauren Scalf

Lauren Diana Scalf

Intuitive Business Mentor, Lauren Diana

Host, Opening & Closing Sessions
Why Creating a Business with Soul Leads to Success, How to Get Free Traffic & Visibility Using SEO, and How to Take Action & Not Let Procrastination Get in the Way


Esther De Charon De Saint Germain

Founder, A Brave Brand

The Truth About the Perfect Pink Business

Sally Hendrick

Sally Hendrick

Consultant & Strategist, Go-Sally-Go Consulting, LLC & Clean Slate Advertising

Dollar-A-Day Strategies for Facebook Ads

Elizabeth Sinclair

Elizabeth Sinclair

Business Consultant, Elizabeth Sinclair Consulting

How to have a CEO & Wealth Mindset

Alex Sheach

Alex Sheach

CEO, The Badass Divorcee

Creating a 5-Day Challenge Fine-tuned for Sales

Melissa Burkheimer

Melissa Burkheimer

Designer, Teacher, & Strategist, Melissa Burkheimer Studios

How to Create a Sales Page Hero Design that Clicks


Selina Man Karlsson

Speaker & Rapid Transformational Therapist, Selina Man Karlsson

Become a Profitable Six-figure Business Owner


Famira Green

Soul Strategist & CEO, Freedom Media Group, LLC

The Soul Practice of Content Creation

Aurelie Maire

Aurélie Maire

Teacher & Founder, Aurélie Maire Yoga

SOUL-cial Media: Your Vibes Attracts Your Tribe

Annelies Van Rijckevorsel

Annelies Van Rijckevorsel

Founder & Creator, Meet Your Inner Millionaire

Meet Your Inner Millionaire 

Caren Fern

Caren Fern

Couch & Founder, Nerca

Feel It, Find It, Do It...Profits in Daily

Lynn Coleman

Lynn Coleman

Teacher & Founder, Easier English

Find Your Soul Words, So Your Soul Clients Find You

Claudia de Voogt

Claudia De Voogt

Coach & Counselor, Reinvent Your Life Coaching

Bust the Fear & Break Through to the Next Level

Kasia Krasucka

Kasia Krasucka

Transformation Mentor & Motivational Language Teacher, Kasia DK

Passion in Business - What a Difference Does it Make?

Elif Tepebasi

Elif Tepebasi

Energy Healer & Coach, Elif Tepebasi

Find Your Own Feminine Abundance


Hi! My name is Lauren Diana and I'm an Intuitive Business Mentor. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to create this summit so you can learn how to create a business that is the perfect marriage of soul and passion.

I love using my super techie analytical left brain and pairing it with my loving and magically creative right brain to help woman create a business that lights up their life and fulfills their soul. I've spent over two decades honing my marketing and tech knowledge, and learning how to pair it with my intuitive gifts - so that I can help soulful, creative females create a life and business they love.

I truly believe deep within my core that anyone can create a business that fulfills their deepest desires, regardless of industry or knowledge.

To help you do this - I reached out to some of my favorite people to bring all their collective brain power together just for you.

Are you ready to transform your business and create your success story?

Your Host
Lauren Scalf

Hi! My name is Lauren Diana and I'm an Intuitive Business Mentor. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to put this summit together for you! 

I reached out to some of my favorite people to bring all their collective brain power together just for you. 

Will you join us?


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VIP Ticket Holder Bonuses

Our amazing speakers have included $1,500 worth of amazing bonuses just for you!

  • Sally Hendrick - Get access to Sally’s Facebook ads course, 'M(ad) Science Lab', for free for 30 days. ($497 value)
  • Alex Sheach - VIP ticket holders will receive a copy of 'Bulletproof Strategy for 5-Day Challenges'. ($27 value)
  • Melissa Burkheimer - 'Testimonials That Sell Masterclass'. Learn how to write, collect, and style testimonials so they are one of your best strategies for getting clients. ($77 value)
  • Selina Man Karlsson - 'I am a Profitable 6-Figure Business Owner' audio. A recording full of positive beliefs to help you on your path to become a profitable six figure business owner. ($97 value)
  • Famira Green - Guide to 'Sacred Content Creation'. ($37 Value)
  • Elif Tepebasi - Money Block Masterclass ($149)
  • Annelies Van Rijckevorsel - Group Masterclass on the 'Meet Your Inner Millionaire Archetypes' and how they do their work. ($147 value)
  • Caren Fern - '5 Money Principles to Live By' guide. ($47 value)
  • Lynn Coleman - Soul Words Poster - Find the words that speak to your clients soul ($27 value)
  • Aurélie Maire - OM & Business Flow Masterclass - 25 ways to make money online today with Heart & Soul! ($147 value)
  • Claudia De Voogt - 'Create Your Stress and Fear Buster Plan in 5 Easy Steps' workbook. ($47 value)

All times Central Daylight Time (Chicago)

May 6th

9:00 AM Opening Session, Why Creating a Business with Soul Leads to Success with Lauren Diana Scalf

10:00 AM Bust the Fear & Break Through to the Next Level with Claudia De Voogt

11:00 AM Find Your Soul Words, So Your Soul Clients Find You with Lynn Coleman

12:00 PM Break

1:00 PM Find Your Own Feminine Abundance with Elif Tepebasi

2:00 PM The Soul Practice of Content Creation with Famira Green

3:00 PM Creating a 5-Day Challenge Fine-tuned for Sales with Alex Sheach

4:00 PM Dollar-A-Day Strategies for Facebook Ads with Sally Hendrick

May 7th

9:00 AM How to Get Free Traffic & Visibility Using SEO with Lauren Scalf

10:00 AM Meet Your Inner Millionaire Masterclass with Annelies Van Rijckevorsel

11:00 AM SOUL-cial Media: Your Vibes Attracts Your Tribe with Aurélie Maire

12:00 PM Break

1:00 PM Become a Profitable Six-figure Business Owner with Selina Man Karlsson

2:00 PM Feel It, Find It, Do It...Profits in Daily with Caren Fern

3:00 PM How to Create a Sales Page Hero Design that Clicks with Melissa Burkheimer

4:00 PM How to Have a CEO & Wealth Mindset with Elizabeth Sinclair

May 8th

9:00 AM Passion in Business - What a Difference Does it Make? with Kasia Krasucka

10:00 AM The Truth about the Perfect Pink Business with Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

11:00 AM Live Q&A with Event Speakers (VIP Ticket Only)

12:00 PM Closing Session, How to Take Action & Not Let Procrastination Get in the Way with Lauren Diana Scalf


Click on any name below to go to the speakers website and learn more about them.

Lauren Diana Scalf, Intuitive Business Mentor & CEO of Lauren Diana, LLC

Lauren Diana Scalf is an Intuitive Healer & Business Marketing Mentor with a combined 25 years of working in web development, design, online technology, and digital marketing. She has done over 1,400 live trainings on using WordPress, Online Technology, and Digital Marketing with Small Business Owners.

She is also a Psychic and Certified Frequency Fix coach who uses her gifts to help female entrepreneurs uncover the things that are hindering them from achieving the success they want in their business and eliminate them for good.

Using her right and left brain partnership, she is the founder of The Soul System Academy & Mastermind where she teaches female entrepreneurs the exact roadmap they need for unbridled prosperity in their business.

Esther De Charon De Saint Germain, Founder at A Brave Brand

Esther has 25 + years of experience in branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship. She believes that we can transform the world - and ourselves - when we completely love and accept ourselves. And that this kind of entrepreneurship is a great way to grow a very profitable business and brand.

Esther is addicted to red lipstick, Jasmin tea, art museums, and sad opera. She lives with 2 guys - husband and son- and 2 uber-confident cats in an old farm in the North of the Netherlands.

Sally Hendrick, CEO of Go-Sally-Go Consulting, LLC

Sally Hendrick is the CEO of Go-Sally-Go Consulting, LLC. She teaches and provides accountability and support for sales funnels and Facebook ads inside her online membership, Social Media Traffic School. At the same time, she helps clients grow and scale their businesses through her Facebook advertising agency, Clean Slate Advertising.

With 25 years as an actuarial statistician backing her up (studying customer behavior by the numbers), Sally has been turning stats into stories for businesses to make advertising bring them quality leads who are ready to buy.

Sally resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and 3 children.

Elizabeth Sinclair, Consultant at Elizabeth Sinclair Consulting

Elizabeth Sinclair is a coach, consultant and business strategist who works with government, corporations, and individual entrepreneurs. With over a decade of business experience, she advises business owners in a variety of industries. Elizabeth is also an avid investor and wealth expert.

Alex Sheach, CEO of The Badass Divorcee

Alex is the Badass Divorcee. She's a single mom in her 40s with a background in international project management and travel and her educational background and corporate career was in Software Engineering. She's now embracing the Badass she always was and doesn't have time for fluff and nonsense! She loves lists, ticking stuff off of lists, swimming in cold Scottish lochs and women with colourful and outrageous stories!

Melissa Burkheimer, Designer, Teacher, & Strategist at Melissa Burkheimer Studios

Melissa Burkheimer is an Iowa girl who helps digital entrepreneurs transform successful launches into record-breaking blockbusters using iconic design + launch strategies that convert. She’s worked on dozens of 6 and 7-figure launches as a designer, strategist, and manager, and is the creator of The New Era of Launch Design, a signature methodology she teaches exclusively inside Conversion Design School™, a virtual program she launched in 2019. When she’s not designing sales pages or interviewing industry experts on her award-winning podcast, The Design Business Show, you can find her lounging in her pool, listening to 90’s Mariah Carey hits, or making a plan for her plans.

Selina Man Karlsson, Speaker & Rapid Transformational Therapist at Selina Man Karlsson

Selina Man Karlsson is a Speaker and Rapid Transformational Therapist. She helps people who know there’s got to be more to life create the future they want by discovering and living their vision.

Selina is a British born Chinese and has lived in Zurich since 2002. She is committed to personal development and growth and constantly challenges herself and others around her. She worked for a large financial institution for 13 years, within IT Client Advisory and Business Management.

Famira Green, Soul Strategist & CEO of Freedom Media Group, LLC

Famira, is a Soul Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs who are Healers, Mystics, and Spirit-Led Thought Leaders. Those who have BIG Soul Purposes and struggle with diluting their own message, because of trauma and systematic hindrances.

She helps them attract their sacred tribe with their authentic, undiluted voice while doing what they love, transforming the world, and making impact and income. It's her mission to help these Empresses create their own Soul-Inspired Empire™ by connecting them to their Divine clients through soul, strategy and storytelling.

Famira uses her over 15 years of experience in branding, marketing and administration; as well as her knowledge as being a 5 time best selling author and lifelong storyteller to help them infuse their practical genius with their spiritual gifts.

Aurélie Maire, Teacher & Founder at Aurélie Maire

Aurélie is a yoga teacher, wellpreneur, and yoga business coach with heart and soul.

She guides heart-centred and soulful women entrepreneurs to have the impact they desire and become the leader they are meant to be in this world. She helps you to amplify your positive impact with heart and soul while having a profitable business that allow space and freedom to practice, study and care for your own health and well-being as you care for that of your students.
Together, and step by step you create your roadmap to move towards your mission.

Naturopath and women health coach, she also makes sure to create a cocoon space for you with self-care tools and practices for the health and wellbeing of your business and being.

Claudia De Voogt, Coach & Counselor at Reinvent Your Life Coaching

Claudia is deeply committed coach and counselor. She has a sensitive approach and knows how to switch between emotional commitment and constructive criticism. Her natural and holistic approach challenges her clients to take a close look at their life and find a better way.

Her clients love the safe space that allows them to explore and her guidance towards new insights. Through different techniques, she brings traumatic experiences to the surface and removes the negative memories.

After years of pushing through the symptoms of fibromyalgia to find them only getting worse, she began to look for better answers. She found health, hope and happiness and is coaching now women all over the world to find their path to happiness and success.

Annelies Van Rijckevorsel, Creator & Founder of Meet Your Inner Millionaire

Annelies van Rijckevorsel is creator of the Meet Your inner Millionaire Method and co-creator of the Money Archetypes. She helps entrepreneurs to break through their upper limits by aligning them with their (money) archetypes, so they can earn good money with their unique gift.

In May 2017, she met her own inner Millionaire during an imagination session. He showed her in full detail her divine one-million-dollar-plan. Since that time she is convinced that there is an inner Millionaire in each one of us; hidden in the core of our soul and related to our zone of Genius. It is her personal mission to decrease poverty in the world and to empower girls to become financially independent by unleashing their full potential.

Caren Fern, Coach & Founder of Nerca

Caren Fern is a Money Mindset Coach, and the Founder of the Money Mindset Academy. She is a badass at supporting her Clients in releasing their emotional Money baggage.

She especially loves working with women to help them free up their creative energy and give birth to the unique expression of their Soul’s highest calling.

She brings 40+ years of a wide range of training and experiences as a Coach.

Lynn Coleman, Teacher & Founder of Easier English

Lynn Coleman is the go to expert for trainers, coaches and healers going online in English. She worked in IT, as a project manager, professor, coach, copywriter and translator, before combining her unique expertise into the Easier English method. The first step in this method is the Soul Word technique. This 7-step technique supports heart-centred business owners discover the words they need to touch and attract clients with integrity, so they can have more impact in a way that feels right.

Her clients call her inspirational, grounding, creative and calm. Lynn is currently working on a guide to going international with your online business in English. Expected publication date for Lynn's book is mid-2020.

Kasia Krasucka, Transformation Mentor & Motivational Language Teacher at Kasia DK

Kasia is a Transformational Mentor/Motivational Language Teacher. She believes that once we find inner love, inner value, inner strength, we awaken to living on purpose. We get empowered and become capable of magic. We become invincible. We stop existing and start living.

Psychology and coaching have always been her passions. Kasia wants to inspire as many people as possible to find inner love, the purest feeling that has the power of transforming our lives.

Working as a Motivational Language Teacher (Danish, English), she chooses language as a medium to help people in their inner transformation. That is why she founded an online language school where students learn not only a new language, but also how to cross their own barriers and raise self-esteem, necessary for free communication.

Kasia has studied in 3 countries, earned 2 Master Degrees and currently lives in Denmark designing innovative Danish online courses and transforming peoples' lives working as a Mentor.

Elif Tepebasi, Energy Healer & Coach at Elif Tepebasi

Elif is an Energy Healer working with Business Professionals on money blocks. She guides her clients to heal their money story and find their inner abundance .

She has lived a life suppressing her feminine energy in a very patriarchal culture and almost burned herself out in corporate life. Later on the beautiful world of energy has opened up itself for her and it changed her story.

The Soulful Knowledge You Need To Transform Your Online Business